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Benefits and Features

What's included in the lifetime-deal?

Add the complete digital automation toolkit to your armory today.

Standard Features

100,000 API calls per month

An almost unlimited capacity to create dynamic images. Connect to no-code tools such as Zapier or Pabbly, or use our API directly to create an awesome automated marketing machine.

5 sizes per call

Generate up to 5 images per API call at various sizes or configurations. Switchboard Canvas templates are responsive so you could create portrait, landscape, story size, square images all in one API call.

Translate on the fly

Use our API to dynamically translate Text elements in your templates into over 70 languages. See the languages we currently support.

Batch Processing

Supply a data file of up to 250 requests to facilitate scalable batch image creation.

Google Sheets

Integrate with Google Sheets and batch create up to 250 images per call. See our tutorial video on our Google Sheets integration.

Airtable Batch Image Creation

Batch create images from up to 250 rows of Airtable data - or use our script to create images on the fly.

Output Options

Output to AWS S3

Add your AWS credentials and have Switchboard Canvas output to your own AWS S3 bucket.

Configure your AWS S3 bucket for static website hosting and you have a perfect custom image generation content delivery solution!

Custom Filename

Choose an output filename for your images, even when batch processing. Use wildcards to craft the perfect filename for each output.


Save your image as an editable PDF document.

Save as PNG or JPEG

By default Switchboard Canvas images are generated as PNG images. You can also generate images in JPEG format and specify the quality level.


Add images to video

Use Switchboard Canvas' video support to overlay dynamically created images over video.

Specify a URL to the publicly visible video, and Switchboard Canvas will create the image, overlaying onto the video. A webhook will be called once video processing has completed with details of the resulting video.

COMING SOON Fade in and out the overlaid image.

GET Support


We've recently added GET support to Switchboard Canvas.

In addition to POSTing to the API to create images, you can now request image creation directly in the browser. Created images are cached for 7 days.

Twitter Integration

Twitter Images

Easily create images from Tweets using the supplied template or create your own. All you need to do is name your elements and Switchboard Canvas will create an image from the Tweet's data.

Twitter Header

Create a Twitter Header template and populate your profile directly from Switchboard Canvas.

COMING SOON Periodically update your Twitter header automatically.

Other Processing Features

QR codes

Easily add QR codes to your templates. Specify their values dynamically using the API or a no-code tool.

Check out the QR code tutorial to see how easy it is.

Adode 3D Cube LUT Support

Upload a LUT file to your library and apply it to images in your template. The LUT file can also be specified via the API for truly dynamic color balanced images.

See our LUT tutorial for more details!

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